It takes a lot of work to run a campaign! From nominating and selecting candidates to managing the campaign, each Board member plays an important role in the process. You'll see many photos of the PEP Board in the photos below including: Brian Conroy, Ed Cote, Ryan Evans, Mike Garvey, Nicole Gilhooley, Dennis Gilhooley, C.P. Hall, Katie Kaluzny, Kit Ketchmark, Dave LeClere, Brian Oberhauser, Michelle Ryan, Brigid Weber and Mark Weber.

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Our members are supporters like you! Find out how you can get involved to help elect PEP Party candidates to the Village of Brookfield Board of Trustees. Members receive email updates, special invitations to social events, candidate coffees, fundraisers and more.

PEP Elected officials

Find out who's who on the Village of Brookfield Board of Trustees from the PEP Party.PEP Elected Officials