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Brookfield Wins Additional Grants to Fund
Critical Projects for Growth

Over $6.1 million in grant funding received in the last 36 months

Brookfield has achieved tremendous success in obtaining grants under Village President Kit Ketchmark and his PEP administration, with grant dollars received over the past 36 months totaling $6,171,558. Grants have been spread over many areas including Kiwanis Park renovations, street work, village street lighting upgrades, and police and fire department
equipment and support.

Recent grants have allowed for the zoning code to be updated and the creation of a village wide Master Plan which will assist in economic development and provide guidance for the future of our village. Shields Avenue was reconstructed with grant money and the soon to be completed pump station at Washington and Forest, which will assist with residential flooding, were all funded in large part with grant capital!  In 2017, we will see the results of the latest grant funding with work being done on the new canoe launch at Kiwanis Park, additional street repairs, the creation of an Active Transportation Plan, and downtown train station improvements.

Grant writing in Brookfield is completed by Village staff, with no commission charges that are typical in other communities that use an outside grant writer. The success in obtaining these grants can be attributed to the relationships Brookfield has built up with various organizations and officials, our ability to complete the projects once the grant money is received, and the Village’s long-term financial planning. Every grant dollar brought in allows our village to get more done, and brings the resident's county, state, and federal tax dollars right back to Brookfield.

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Grants fund 2017 train station improvements


Notable Grants 2013-2016

Open Space Planning

Fire Department

Rain Barrel Program

Community Planning

Department of Public Works

Active Transportation Planning

Street Lighting

Canoe Launch Improvement

Comprehensive Planning

Police Department

Sidewalk Replacement

Cook County Grant for Raymond Avenue

Metra Station Improvements

Park Improvements

Street Improvement

Custer Avenue

Shields Avenue

Brookfield Avenue Bridge Replacement       

Prairie Avenue Pump Station

Total: $6,171,558