February 2017

Major Street Improvements Underway

$23 million in street & infrastructure improvements planned

With a voter-approved referendum and solid financial planning by staff, the Village
under PEP leadership has completed the first stage of a $23 million street improvement
program. In 2016, nearly 5 miles of streets were repaved and important water and sewer
work completed.

Additional infrastructure improvements will take place over the next 10 years, and will
include milling, patching, and resurfacing of pavement and full construction where
appropriate. At the same time, deteriorated sewers, curbs, and sidewalks will be repaired
in the same areas.

Approximately 37% of our streets are rated “1” or “2” by the Village engineers (“1” being
the worst). The street program will focus on the worst streets first, with the remainder
of the “1”  rated streets being reconstructed in 2017, and subsequently the “2” rated streets. This year’s work totals approximately $5.2 million in street improvements and another $1.8 million in water and sewer improvements. The next round of projects are set to begin in April 2017. It is important to note that proceeds from the referendum can only be used for street improvements by state statute.

Infrastructure work under the PEP administration has totaled nearly $35 million since 2005.

The Village has also developed an improved street maintenance program that will be funded with $275,000 in 2017. The program consists of spot street repairs, crack sealing, restorative maintenance, and catch basin repairs. This maintenance program is essential to protect and maintain the Village’s overall investment in  infrastructure and will allow the Village to address street repairs before the streets reach the “1” or “2” rating. Doing so will result in further cost savings.

A Shields Avenue repair project was completed in 2016 and funded by a $1 million grant from the federal government. The Village, in partnership with the Village of Lyons, also received federal grant funding for improvements to Custer Avenue from Ogden Avenue to 47th Street. The two villages will also partner on repaving Custer Avenue north of Ogden Avenue in 2017.

In addition, the Village is near completion on a major flood prevention project: the Prairie Avenue Pump Station. This project will reduce flooding in the area directly adjacent to Salt Creek and will also increase sewer capacity in and around the properties extending west to Kemman Avenue. This $2 million project is being funded in part through a $1.5 million grant the Village pursued and received from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.

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