The Riverside-Brookfield Landmark Remembers Cathy - Village mourns death of 'Miss Brookfield'

From The Chicago Tribune - Catherine Colgrass-Edwards, Brookfield trustee and clerk, dies at 68

Hitzeman Funeral Home - Catherine Ann Colgrass-Edwards

Cathy Edwards

In August 2015, PEP and Brookfield unexpectedly lost a dear friend in Cathy Edwards. The PEP Party extends our deepest condolences to the community and Cathy's family and friends both near and far.

PEP Remembers Cathy Colgrass-Edwards

"We have people of all ages living in and enjoying Brookfield.  After my time as Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, I wanted to reach out to improve more areas of our community like the business districts, so as to help keep the residents' property tax base as low as possible and to try to satisfy their needs within the community."

- Cathy Colgrass-Edwards Spring 2015