Ed COte

Village Trustee
2017 - present

"I am honored to be able to serve Brookfield as Trustee.  I have been fortunate to be surrounded by selfless people who are always involved and continuously volunteer to serve our community. PEP is a positive group who focuses on the progress of Brookfield.  This hardworking group has the ability to take challenges head on."

David LeClere

Village Trustee
2015 - present

Michelle Ryan

Village Trustee
2013 - present

"I am honored to add my professional urban and regional planning background, local civic experiences, and a broad economic development perspective to the Village's executive Board. I will work to continue to advance our wonderful and unique community - one in which everyone can thrive, and we as a whole community collectively aim for a great, shared future."

Ryan Eva​ns

Village Trustee
2011 - present

"I am proud to know Brookfield runs balanced budgets, has taken on major infrastructure improvements, all while providing the core services we all depend on daily.  There is always more to do, but Brookfield continues to grow stronger each year and I am glad I am a part of that process."

Mich​aeL G​arv​ey  

Village Trustee
2013 - present

"As I serve, I try to have the perspective of a parent and homeowner but I also try to see the perspective of seniors like my parents, business owners, and others who make up Brookfield. With the PEP Party, I have found an ever expanding group of true public servants who try to do the same."

Nicole Gilhooley

Village TRustee
2013 - present

"Being involved in the community and providing a service to the community makes living here more meaningful for me. I believe that making connections and building relationships with our residents, our business community and our visitors are so important and will help me make good decisions that bring about real change."

Brigid Weber

Village Clerk
2006 - 2013 and 2015 - present

Kit. P. Ketchmark

Village President
2013 - Present

"Keeping our village moving forward. That's the goal of your elected officials. Get things done, make our town safe, and find ways to improve quality of life for our residents."

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